Brief .NET MAUI Preview

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Brief .NET MAUI Preview

New project to F5

.NET MAUI Initial

.NET MAUI or the Multi-platform App UI is a cross platform UI framework. Details of it are located here.

This is not what my first actual post was going to be, but I decided today to sink into some MAUI for the first time. This is very brief, but these are my initial reactions with zero code development. I am hoping to get more time with it to perform some actual development. My real target is iOS.


VS2022 Preview 17.1 was really easy. Select which version from Microsoft's site, and ensure that you install the Mobile development with .NET option. You should see the "This includes a preview of the ..."

New Project

Project templates are good to go in the preview version. Just select a new project and select MAUI from the "All project types" drop down. Afterwards you get a nice tree that should give you some comfort so far.


Probably some initial setup for Android Sdk licensing, but ok...hit accept.



I see some errors down at the bottom by default. Not crazy about that at startup with a new project, but it is preview.


The android emulator was enabled by default. No worries. After running, I am getting an error.


Ok, let's switch to a windows device (Windows Machine). Much better..



After a little bit of time, I was able to see the default project. The other platform option issues are completely on my end from what I can tell initially, but so far I like the integration, the XAML direction and the ease of use to switch between devices. So far so good Microsoft.