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Example vs Actual Context

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Example vs Actual Context

The first post!

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Jerrod Fowkes
·Dec 30, 2021·

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I have been doing various software development projects for well over 25 years now and professionally for maybe around 20 years. Basic, ASIC and DOS programming all the way to some front end development has been my life for quite some time. .NET has been my flavor of choice since 1.1 in the early part of the century. It isn't often (and I am fortunate) that someone gets to see the slow evolution of a technology like .NET over the course of their development career.

" .NET has been my flavor of choice.. "

Blogging is something that I thought that I would enjoy, but never actually did. Lately in my career I have been wanting to theorize more about my approach, and put it out for the public to see. After some research it appears that some of the things that I have been doing are actually formally defined now! Ultimately I am looking for feedback, smooth the edges of my sword, and improve. Hopefully, just hopefully I can help someone along the way.


There is nothing like the hello world program to get a new language going, and a few example programs to really start to fill in the gaps. There is definitely a space for these types of programs and example work. However, as time progresses I am noticing that there needs to be a place where stable and professional environments live to tell a more practical story. To make my point more clear, we need more example work that is put into practice with real world examples. This is where I believe where true "coffee coders" live!

" there needs to be a place where stable and professional environments live to tell a more practical story. "

I am hoping to expand a bit on these topics in the next year. There are many challenges with this topic. One being to keep things proprietary, and the other to make sure that the article is clear enough for engagement. There will be plenty of .NET, project architecture, storage vs state, API's, Winforms, WPF, evolution of technology, reporting, SOLID concepts, Clean Architecture, folder structure, psychology with respect to programming for a team and not yourself, and many more.

Thank you for reading this far, and what the heck...lets get started!

" There will be plenty of .NET, project architecture, storage vs state, API's,... "


Hashnode appears to be a very well developer driven platform and fairly simple to setup. This is exciting to know, and quite a gift to the community. Thank you Hashnode!

I actually wrote this article in notepad in markdown syntax. While I am familiar with markdown, it does give me that coding feeling again in notepad. All of my readme files have been written in it for each of the library shared or "common" code I have done. It has and seems to continue to gain popularity. This is preferred because instead of blotting text down on a web page, writing can be done locally. This gives you more ownership and a nice backup of your work long term.

Here is a link to hashnodes markdown guidelines


My questions outweigh my positive experiences with my solutions as most developers probably have. As with other developers, I have a strong ego to maintain and of course an impeccable reputation to uphold in the meantime! Everything aside, I am looking forward to doing some writing this year. Enjoy!

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